( IMC Secretary & Principal Incharge, ITI Maihar)




Technical skill plays a vital role in the development of the any country by creating skilled
manpower, enhancing   industrial   productivity & improving the quality of human life.
Technical skill covers various courses in engineering, technology & crafts. Technical skill
contributes a major role in social & economic development of the nation. There will be a
growing demand in almost all sectors of engineering and technology & huge requirement of
skilled workforce the over next twenty years. The only way to satisfy this envisaged skill
demand is by a sustained increase in quality as well as quantity of the workforce within a
delivery framework. 50% population of India is below 25 years of age & their creative
energy is our greatest strategic resource.
India has the capacity to contribute to fourth of global workforce if it invests in skill
development of its youth, as most of Europe & Asian countries working population are
growing older and the world is looking towards India to meet its requirement of the technical
& skilled workforce. The real needs of the hour are to developed a quality conscious
national skill delivery framework & reduce the mismatch between the industry requirement &
skilled manpower produced. We should adopt the best practices from across the globe in
our nation context.